Origins #10 Max

One Day Later:
“This is ridiculous Max. Your ribs were nearly sticking out your back yesterday, and now you want to go on a solo raid on EZ. Without your suit.”
I sighed. Harry could be really stubborn sometimes. “You’re making it out to be something bigger than it is.” 
“No, I don’t think I am. What if you run into someone you can’t beat?”
“There’s always a chance of that even if I have my suit.”
“Yea, but it’s a hell of a lot bigger chance without it! Why can’t you just wait twelve hours for the suit to be fixed?”
“Because in five hours they’re gonna find out we got Drakk to talk, and they’re gonna move the info, which will be lost forever, at least until they sell it to god knows who. Trust me, if they sell it to who I’m thinking they’re going to sell it to, all the suits in the world won’t help us.”

“Ok, fair point. If they get away, Samjoko will probably get the formula, and his Little God Army will be an actual army, not just a single regiment. Why can’t any of out other heroes, who aren’t missing vital tools, do this job?”

“If we go in guns blazing, they will instantly transfer the files to another safe house and sprint the fuck off leaving us with only a few grunts to arrest. We need to be discreet since our fast guys like Power, Bellator, and Relativity are all currently busy, and we can’t get them to speed in and steal the file before arresting them all. Chulúlain doesn’t understand the concept of ‘sneak’, and as capable of a super Amygdala is, she isn’t cleared for stealth missions. Battle Scorpion happens to be an eight foot tall laser shooting bug man, so I think some people might notice him, and I don’t even have to say why your stealth drone is out of the question.” 
A month ago the invisibility function failed directly in front of a seventy tonner named Bonebreaker and his small army of thugs on his private yacht. The suit is still on the bottom of the pacific, ripped into two pieces. He had a few backups, but Harry was not in a rush to use them.

“Fair point, but why can’t we get the Moppers to raid the compound?”

“A Mopper operation! In the middle of a city? Do you WANT an island wide panic?”

“What I want, Max, is for my brother not to get himself killed. Now, as your superior, I am telling you to take the day off, you suicidal idiot. I’ll call one of the other teams. Maybe Action Heroes, or West Coast Justice, or I dunno maybe some seniors from the Meta Training Program could do it.”

“Are you fucking serious? You’d pick one of those kids over me?”

“You’re like a year older than the-” I waved my hand to cut him off.

“I’m not a street tier super. I’m THE street tier super. My power is literally being the best at things I train at, and trust me Harry, I train a-fuckin-lot. I’m a Class three even without the under suit I would be wearing. Do you fucking know what that means Harry?” He sighed.

“Yes I know what it means,” I stared at him and motioned for him to continue. He sighed again. “You could fight evenly with a fully equipped swat team. Without stealth. You’re still a very low three, Max, which you conviently forget every time we have an argument like this.”

“Yea, but I’m going to be wearing the under suit aren’t I?” Harry looked at me, then shifted his game downward before muttering what sounded like a naughty word under his breath.”Fine. Put your suit on, and grab all the tools you need. We’re going in twenty minutes.”


“I’ll be a few miles up watching you through the masks camera feed. If anything happens I’ll be there in a few seconds. Please just don’t do anything stupid that will get you killed in less than that.” 

“I’ll try. See you in a few big brudda!”

“On a second thought, I might just leave you to die.” I blew him a kiss, and ran off to the Armory. 


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