Origins #15 Zach

The folder was filled with papers detailing the defenses, manpower, and structural weaknesses. I skimmed through the it, and saw nothing that could even touch me. The strongest thing they had was an anti durability rifle or two, but those were incredibly easy to dodge. I put the papers back down, and cleared my throat. “So what is this? Extraction? Smash and grab?” Jason smiled, and placed a small black disk in the desk. “The files I prepared for you are very good, but they neglect to state one very important thing. Where the base is located. The entire thing in a pocket dimension. Some geek type super got a bit too big for his boots and tried to create an entire universe. He failed, and just created a block of empty ground about the size of a city block. He went crazy, committed suicide, and EZ ‘acquired’ the portal. It gave them perfect privacy for a lair and an impenetrable defense. Except, for two tiny details. The tech guy was a fan of backups, and I am a fan of double checking. Not only do we have a second portal, he left us this,” he said holding up the disc. “It’s a dimensional destabilizer. If activated in any pocket dimension, anything or anyone inside will be dumped into the real world. What you’re going to do, is bring down almost all of EZ’s muscle in one blow. I want you to go in, and plant this somewhere inconspicuous. I put a cloak on it, so no one should see it, but if anyone bumps into it, than the jig is up. After you plant this rob the place. Make a big show of it. Break down walls, throw some goons around, smash windows and take anything that isn’t nailed down. After that, do that scary deep slo-mo voice and vibrate your whole body like the other speedsters and threaten to come back in one week. Tell them to bring all their valuables, and if they don’t there will be hell to pay. Then leave. They won’t bring their valuables of course. Instead they willbring their biggest baddest guys. In a weeks time, they’ll all arrive and the destabilizer will go off, dumping them directly in front of the Neslon Concert Hall. Incidentally, a week from today a ceromony will be held there for the heroes of our region. Every single cape on the west coast will be in that hall, in costume.”


“Got it?”

“Yep. I’m ready to go. Just got to put my costume on.”

The suit was behind me, crumpled up in my backpack. Flexing my powers, I slowed time and slid myself into the thing. I had to take my shoes off, but the bottom of my feet were protected by extra padding. I adjusted the mask so I could see through the lenses, and let the world speed up. Jason stared at me, blinking. “Did you just change in front of me?” I stuttered, “Uh uh no, I’m um wearing my clothes under it, I just had to take my shoes off becau-”
“I was joking.” He handed me a massive burlap bag with a metal device taped to it. “This is what my geeks like to call the Santa Sack. The metal box is an anti gravity device, and it makes anything in the bag almost weightless. Put all the stuff you steal in here. I’ll add anything you bring back to your pay, which is at base, 1,350 dollars. Understand?”
“Yessir,” I smiled. The Asian man opened a door, and we walked through it into a normal looking office room that was completely empty except for a massive purple portal. Unlike most portals it wasn’t just a two dimensional hole in the air you could look through. The portal was a whirling three dimensional mass of red, with a pitch black center. It looked like a hurricane on one of those 3D weather simulations flipped on its side. I turned to Jason. “Is it supposed to look like this?” He waved his hand, dismissing me. “It’s fine. Interdimensional travel needs a bit more juice than normal portals, expectially if it’s moved from its original location. Now get in the damn thing.” I gulped, and charged through the whirling mass at top speed.


I floated through a dark tunnel of black, surrounded by a starry sky. The Stars twinkled as they changed color, and some blinked like ancient eyes. I don’t know how long I was in the portal, but after a while things began to get even stranger. Once in a while, a section of the stars would be blotted about, by something… Massive. 

I tried to get a glimpse of the things, but they were too far away. 

Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination, I wondered, as I reached the end of the tunnel. It deposited me in a damp corridor that smelled of copper, and once I was sure that I was safe, I began to recharge my powers. The power dampener in my head was partially deactivated, but it still managed to hamper my powers. It was like a dam, keeping my full strength in. I could only let out enough to last thirty seconds at my peak, and it took ten seconds to recharge it. Thirty seconds may sound like almost no time at all, but at Mach Eleven, you can accomplish a lot in half a minute. My power restored, I sprinted through a door next to me, punching through it like it was wet paper. On the other side I could see a few goons sitting around a foldable table playing cards. I took their wallets and guns from the table before letting out a small scream in their direction. The shockwave wasn’t fast enough to be fatal, but it would seriously hurt in the morning. I searched the rest of the room, found that it was empty, and ran through the wall into the next one. I repeated this process until I found a door that was labeled in a ton of different languages. I searched through the like fifty black metal rectangles until I found the one in English. It read Danger! Armory!

Oh hell yes, I thought as I tried to open the door. It was locked, so I opened it with a key I looted from one of the mooks I robbed. Inside I could see a very blonde man wearing a white tux. 

He blinked.

 Wait, that means he moved. I could see him move. He moved. This guy was fast. He cleared his throat, and spoke with a David tenet style accent. “Hello! You must be a new recruit! I’m Gamma by the way. May I ask why you were running around and screaming at an ungodly speed?” I smirked under the mask.

“The names Hotfoot,” I said as I slammed a right cross into his annoyingly shiny cheek.”Don’t mind me. I’ll be taking your watch along with a few other things.” Gamma wiped the blood from his face and grinned. “Straight to the point! Not one for the quips are ya? I can dig it.”
“I can quip with the best of them Captain Bleach.” I lashed out with my right again but he sidestepped the blow. His grin widened, and giant blades of energy crackled to life around his arms like oversized light sabers. I groaned. “Ok, then. We’re doing that.” I flung a ball bearing at him, but it went wide and he charged swinging his right saber at my head. I ducked under the crackling triangle and hit him in the ribs at over eight thousand miles per hour, sending him sliding back across the room. That meant he was a type one speedster. Type ones survive the insane speeds they move at by somehow manipulating the laws of physics, or ignoring them entirely. Type twos were simply as strong and as tough as most bricks. Type threes, like me, appeared to have super speed, or used some other power that allowed them to simulate the power. This was good news for me since type ones generally survived blows by being faster than them, which in my case he wasn’t. My punches hurt a little more than they normally would, but his would probably hit just as hard. Logically I would easily take this fight, but a speedster controlling laser swords logically shouldn’t happen either.

He charged again, and I backed away from him narrowly avoiding the flashing white blades scything through the air in front of me Gamma began to scream as he slashed away. “That HURT!” I flung another ball bearing at him, and it passed through one of the blades and hit his shoulder as a red hot marble. He screamed in rage and pain, before pointing both blades at me. I smirked and began to say “Did that hurt to-” but he caught me off by firing the blades off at me.

I sidestepped, barely avoiding the beams, and lost my balance. As I struggled to regain my footing, I was hit in the ear, destroying any semblance of balance I once had. He followed it up with a painful uppercut to my chin. I tasted blood in my mouth, and tried to spit it out, forgetting that I was wearing a mask. The blood and spit mixture splattered back over over my lower face, covering it in sickly warm, slimy, and sticky fluid. Ewwwwwww, I thought as Gamma reignited his arm blades and stabbed at my chest. I dodged his blow, which stabbed through the wooden cabinet, igniting the old thing. I took another shot at him, which connected, but it didn’t slow him down. I frantically backstepped, sidestepped and ducked under the flurry of bows he sent my way until I felt myself back into a cold metal wall. Gamma laughed maniacally. “Nowhere to run kiddo!” He laughed more as he drove the blade into my chest.

Huh I thought. Is this what getting stabbed feels like? It doesn’t hurt much. Yea the suit feels a little hot, but I thought you know, it would hurt more than a punch at least. Oh wait. The heat shielding. Gammas eyes widened as my fist lashed out, breaking his perfect fucking nose. He stumbled backwards, turning the blades off. “That’s a pretty nice pair of pajamas you have. Looks like I can’t burn it. That’s fine. I like brawls just as much as the next guy.” He wiped the blood from his face with a handkerchief, and tackled me through a stack of weapons. I landed on my back, dazed and dizzy from the impact. He got up to his knees, and punched me in the face. As if that didn’t hurt enough, it crashed my head into the floor which sent a sharp pain shattering throughout my skull.

He followed it up with a second, which hurt even more than the first, and a third that continued the trend. He tried to go do fourth, but I caught the fist with my left, and hit him with a jab with my right. I grinned, my lips already swelling. “That all you got?” I grabbed his platinum hair, and brought my knee into his nose, destroying the already crushed organ. He fired a blast of energy into my eyes, which the suit absorbed, but the white hot light blinded me. I shook my head as hard as I could, attempting to clear out my vision, but something hard and cold crashed into the side of my head, and I saw even more stars. It hit my leg next, bring me to my knees. He hit me three times before my vision returned. When it did, I saw him swinging a boxy looking gun in a brutal swing to my ribs. Burning pain spread throughout my chest, and I could feel tears on my cheeks as I grabbed the gun from him and crushed this side of his knee with it. He fell to my level, and I started wailing on his head with the gun until he stopped moving, just as my well of power began to run dry.

The world sped up, and I was greeted with a deafening chorus of sonic booms and explosions as the consequences of our fight caught up with the real world. I hit the ground, covering the back of my head with my hands to protect against glass shards which sprayed all over my back. Once the storm subsided, I shook the debris of my back, and began to load up the Santa Sack with weapons and ammo while recharging my power. After I filled the sac up, I turned to leave, and found myself standing face to face with two suits of armor that looked straight out of TRON. 

I knew what these were. A few years back sone geek type superhero named Phalanx designed a few sets of armour for police officers. They utilized a sort of celestial energy that most type one speedsters get their powers from to give the wearers super speed, along with the toughness, strength, and weaponry most powered armours bring to the table. Supposedly they were really rare, and dangerous. So, I did the sensible thing. I ran the fuck away. They sprinted after me, crashing through plaster and metal alike. One of them was gaining on me, so I swung the Santa Sack like a club. The bag hit him like an oversized blackjack and he was sent flying. Frantically, I searched for a hiding spot. I couldn’t fight these guys without charging up first, and I needed time, which I knew they wouldn’t give me. Finally I saw a heavily armored door that was slightly ajar. I bolted through it, and slammed the door shut, locking the thirty padlocks in an instant. I fell to the floor and released my grip on time, breathing heavily. Just then, I heard a cough, followed by a weakened voice.

“You don’t sound like Gamma. Who are you?”

I looked up to the source of the voice and nearly threw up. In front of me, was a tan and heavily muscular man strapped to a table, covered in burn marks, bruises, and cuts. At least, the healthy parts were. One leg was almost entirely scab tissue, and his hand, oh my god his hand. It was like a burnt hamburger falling off a shish kebab stick. The worst part was that his eyes, his eyes were… Gone. Ripped out. Red and black caverns in his face glistening under the white fluorescent lights. He spoke again. “Who. Are. You. You guys know I’m not going to crack, and you can’t afford telepathy strong enough to break me.” The second he finished talking, the door began to creak , as if something on the other side were trying to push it open. “My name is uh, Hotfoot. I’m not with these guys. I’m robbing them. Who are you?” He laughed. “I go by Maximum. I’m a cape who got a little bit unlucky. Could you lend me a hand? No pun intended.”
“Uh sure. Can you stand?” I unfastened his bonds, and helped him to the ground.
“I’m fine. Now, I know you have guns in that bag. Hand me the biggest one you can find, and help me turn this table into cover. From the sounds of it, we might have to fight our way out. What are we facing?” The door caved in a little bit more. I helped flip the table on its side, and turned to Maximum. “Wait, how can you tell I have a bag, and that I have guns in it?” He tapped his forehead. “My br-teammate installed sonar in my head that would kick in if I was blinded. He probably designed it for dark rooms or flash bangs and nothing this intense, but it works.” I handed him a massive weapon that glowed green and had nasty looking spikes all over. He grabbed it with his good hand and crouched behind the table, using it as support for the huge weapon. “Two speedster suits, I forget their actual names. They probably got reinforcements though. You ready?” He looked at me with his creepy (lack of?) eyes and smirked. I nodded and turned back to the door.
“Okay then. I’m taking that as a yes. I’m opening the door in


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