Origins #5 Max

Stay calm max. Stay calm. Fear will kill you. So will the grou-LALALALALALALALALALALALA can’t hear you brain. Remember what Chúlúlain taught. Fear is useful until the point where it cripples you. Once you reach that point, kill it, eat it, and use its strength to kill your enemies.
He was a strange man, but a damn good teacher. 

In a blur I spun around and shot Draak in the mouth with both HIGEPS guns. He shouted “FUCK!” and fell away from me. 

I frantically began to slap Thunder in the face, screaming “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WAKE UP!.”

    Five hundred feet from the ground my prayers were answered when he groggily shook his head and opened his eyes. I turned my suit’s speakers up to ten and screamed at him.

    He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw and about fifty feet from the ground we stopped moving

    “You are going to lower us to the ground slowly, and then you are going to get on your knees and I’m going to cuff you. The police will come pick you up. If you aren’t there when they arrive remember the cuffs have a tracker and a remote control taser that the police can activate. Understood?”

    He nodded and lowered us to the ground.

I looked around, trying to make sense of my surroundings. I was in a field, with a Rec League baseball stadium 

“Um, sir, is there any way that could make the goo stop? It really stings.”

“Yea, the handcuffs have a chemical coating that will negate the HIGEPS pellets. Without it, the sensation will last a few hours.”

This was bullshit, but he didn’t struggle when I put them on, so it was probably for the best. I radioed the police and said; “This is Maximum. I have apprehended two metahumans. One is cuffed and the other is unconscious and is located by the suburbs wearing a parachute and a blue uniform. He is electrokinetic, but I have immobilized him with HIGEPS rounds. Requesting transportation of perps, and backup. There is at least one loose Meta. Flying brick with a heat based breath weapon named Draak. He is in the database.”

“Backup and transport are on their way. ETA ten minutes for the wagon, and five for backup.”
“Thanks. I’ll tail Draak and update you on his position. Thermals, on.”

Thermals Activated

I looked around for a giant red blob and in a few seconds I saw it barreling through a forest in my direction. 


I ran behind some bushes and activated the stealth feature on my suit. With any luck, he wouldn’t notice me and Harry would kick his ass. Draak sprinted into the clearing directly at my bush. Apparently he knew I was there. 

Well shit.

I jumped into the air and unleashed the suits full armament on him. HIGEPS, lasers, Missiles, sonics, everything. After the smoke had cleared, Draak stood up, breathing heavily. He was missing some teeth, and his right ear was bleeding. Nothing else.

“Harry what the hell just happened? I hit him with everything the suit has, and he’s fine. I thought he just had thirty tons of durability.”

“That was a typo. He has three hundred. Just hold out for three minutes, and I’ll be there.”

“Three hundred? Jesus christ that’s like eating a daisy cutter to the face level. Don’t tell me he has two hundred strength.”
“Nope. Twenty Seven.”
“Thank god.”
    I activated the jump jets in my feet and kneed Drakk in the eye. He roared in pain and I flipped off of him, landed, and jumped twenty feet away. He roared again and charged me, screaming so loudly my eyes hurt.. 

I activated the jump jets again and strafed to the left, firing lasers at his eyes in an attempt to blind him. He just closed his eyelids and ran faster. Gritting my teeth, I realized only one option remained. His lungs better not be as strong as the rest of him. 

“Knockout gas maximum potency. Reroute power to shield and arm strength”

That action will not leave enough for the HUD and air filter. 

“DO IT!”

Releasing grade 100 knockout gas
         I took a deep breath and charged.


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