Origins #16

Zach charged through the hole punched in the door, and slammed his shoulder into the chest of one of the TRON guys. It sent him spiraling through the air, where he lost speed until he floated a few feet from the ground. The man writhed and struggled, but he couldn’t make himself move any faster than terminal velocity. At Zach’s speed however, that was painfully slow. Zach punched the other one in the face, knocking him to the ground. He spat on the suit, sprinted up to the helpless man, and elbow dropped him into the ground. The blow entrenched the villian in several feet of concrete and cracked his chestplate. Zach smiled under his mask. I never thought I’d get to elbow drop someone in real life, he thought. Lost in his victory, he didn’t notice the second speed suit fire a force blast until it was too late. It punched into Zach’s back, and would have cut him in half had it been moving any faster. Instead it lifted him off the ground, and sent him careening into a wall, which he crushed into rubble.

Max ducked as the sonic booms washed over his makeshift cover, before activating the sonic viewer in his head. He saw the world, normally engulfed in grey, as a blinding white from all the explosions of sound. Thankfully, he could still make out the shapes of EZ enforcers advancing down the corridor. He put his finger on the trigger of the enormous weapon, hefted it on top of the table, and fired at the biggest blob.

 The weapon made a stream of grey appear on his vision, which he saw blasting the blob’s legs out from under it. He shot two more goons, until the approaching force regained their senses. Someone shouted something in french, and they began to fire back. Max ducked, and small arms fire pinged off the thick metal table. Max mentally thanked Hotfoot for stealing any gun worth a damn. He fired three more times before a small blob fired two lasers at him. They would have burned holes in his head, except the short attacker’s legs exploded out from under in in a shower of grey he could tell was blood, throwing his shots off. Max decided to put Hotfoot on his christmas card list. He readied himself to fire again, but a tiny grey blob exited a bigger blob, and landed by his feet. Without thinking Max lobbed the blob back over the table, where it exploded in the air, showering an approaching enemy in shrapnel.

Zach crawled to his feet just in time to see a black and light blue foot slam into the side of his head, crushing the ear Gamma had injured only a few minutes before. He grunted, and fought through the pain hard enough to chuck a marble into the suit’s face. It hit him harder than a bullet, cracking his faceplate a little and sending him sprawling on the floor. Zach jumped onto the man’s chest, grabbed his blank faceplate, began slamming his head onto the ground. After the crater got too deep to be of any use, Zach paused, unsure of what to do, and gave the man on the ground enough time to shove Zach off of him. He curb stomped Zach, stunning him, and sped off to help his friend out of the massive crater Zach’s elbow drop created. He groaned, sat up, and Saw that he was under a small pile of rubble in between what looked like a meth lab, and the concrete and metal hallway he started in. 

It was filled with men and women, charging forward wielding the shitty weapons that he thought weren’t worth his time . Some of them had glowing eyes, and blue beams of energy were slowly creeping out of a short tracksuit wearing man’s outstretched hands. EZ had other supers here. That’s bad for my new friend, Zach thought. He wasn’t sure that he would have enough time to fight the TRON cosplayers and save the cape from all the bullets and mooks headed his way. To make it worse, the poor guy looked like he couldn’t even hurt a fly in his state, let alone an army. Groaning, Zach grabbed a piece of rubble and chucked it at the men’s leg, bisecting it. The blood sprayed through the air in slow motion, before freezing into a crimson shower inches from the next man’s face. Zach pulled himself to his feet and charged the glowing blue and black figures.

The little shards of metal bounced off the grey blob, and the shockwave didn’t even phase it. Max grunted in frustration, and fired off a stream of shots at the blobs legs. The blob fell over, and he heard guttural shouts of pain. Max fired at the goons who weren’t smart enough to take cover. trading weapons out for new ones from the bag as soon as they went dry. As Max expected, this tactic didn’t last forever. A few goons had brought in a sheet of some sort and were using it as a riot sheild. Max concentrated fire on the edges, but the metal stopped even pure plasma streams from the Plasma thrower he had gotten from Hotfoot. The men threw the sheet at him once they got within a few feet, and charged, leaping over his makeshift cover. In an instant, Max felt his power analyze the situation, and scan through every single skill he had ever come in contact with, extracting the bits useful for this scenario, and boiling them down into muscle memory and knowledge that felt as natural as if he had known it all his life. Max ducked under the sheet, and swung the gun one handed into the first one’s knee. The attack hurt like hell, but Max forced through the pain and brought the weapon back up before crashing it down onto his skull. Max would have celebrated this small victory except a large grey blob punched him in the face hard enough to send him flying a few feet backwards.

Zach was tired. He ached, his fists stung whenever they connected with metal, and fatigue had begun to set in. He still had fifteen seconds in real time left, which translated into about half an hour at his speed, but his body had begun to wear down. He was much faster than the two men, but they were far stronger and could take obscene amounts of damage. His punches left only little dents in the black armor pieces, while he could feel the bruises on his knuckles and arms grow. He fought them both simultaneously, using a single arm for each, grunting with pain each time he felt his bones jar from the impact against metal, but kept at it. After nearly ten minutes of their relentless assault Zach spotted an opening. Ducking under a punch he spun in a circle with a leg extended and took one’s legs out from under him. 

He then punted the slowly falling man through the ceiling where he hovered a few feet from the second story light fixture. Zach punched the second one in the gut, and followed it up with an elbow to the head, sending him face first into the floor. “And they said my prison soccer career was going nowhere.” He pressed the man’s head deeper in and began sprinting with it, dragging the villain along with him. The EZ enforcers face carved a trench in the concrete, and the sandpaper like surface began to wear down the front of the weakened mask. He dragged the helpless villain through the hallway, and down into the room Maximum was holed up in. A stream of green was crawling across the sky, leaving the barrel of his gun and heading to a ridiculously muscular man’s lower torso. Zach stopped moving and marveled at the man. He looked like a balloon animal. The TRON guy tried to take the opportunity to stand, but Zach smashed his face into the ground. as he ragdolled the gangster, Zach noticed a bunch of little metal shards surrounding him, like grey snow. He looked up and saw a flowering explosion a few feet above their heads. Zach marveled at it a bit too long, giving his captive enough time to take shot him in the back of the leg with a force beam. As he fell, Zach felt his power begin to slip.

Max landed, painfully, and rolled to his feet. The grey blob in front of him had stopped advancing, and now circled him with three others like a pack of hyenas. One of them was limping, which pointed to him being the man he had injured earlier. Max crouched, and then leaped forward, swinging the gun in a wide arc. It hit the wounded man in the arm, breaking it at the elbow, eliciting a scream of pain from the grey blob as it fell to the ground, clutching its side. The other two blobs converged on him from opposite sides, and he ducked under the swing of the first one, and headbutted the second. He felt something give, and a warm liquid splash onto his face. Blood, thought Max. He spun again, and brought the butt of the rifle smashing into the largest man’s temple, dropping him instantly. Max whipped around to face the second blob, and cracked him over the head with the gun, knocking him out cold. He ducked behind cover, and scanned the room, looking for enemies only to find it empty. The nearly thirty guys who had attacked had been devastated not just by him, but by the side effects of the speedsters fight. The inside of the hallway looked like a hurricane, and sounded like nuclear war. Max limped over the broken bodies of his enemies, and found the giant rifle Hotfoot had given him in the beginning of the fight. He started to reload it, only to be bowled over by a massive blast of wind. When he got back on his feet he saw Hotfoot, held aloft by his throat by a battle damaged Speedsuit wearing man, nearly seven feet in height.

Zach struggled in vain to pry open the titanium fingers crushing his windpipe. He was helpless. Memories of Power flashed through his head, and Zach struggled even more violently. It only made the Speedsuit we are laugh. Zach gasped for breath trying to stay conscious. He only needed few more seconds to recharge. “Little man,” said his captor in a deep russian accent. “You know nothi-” To this day, Zach never learned what he never knew about. He had a few guesses, sure, but the actual sentence was never finished, due to Max blowing his arm off with a Plasma Thrower. Zach fell to the floor, and pried the dead hand off his neck as the russian screamed and fell to the ground sobbing inbetween cries for help. Heralded by a gust of wind the second speedster arrived, only to be dropkicked through a few stories. Zach sped off after him, and beat the dazed man down until the suit was little more than dented pieces of sheet metal hanging off his body. Zach ripped him out of the wreckage, and threw the him onto the ground, audibly breaking a few bones.  The villain turned to crawl away, but he found himself staring down the barrel of a VERY large plasma gun. Zach took a deep breath, and said in a voice distorted by his powers “I’m coommmiingg baaaaacckkkk, onnnnee wweeeeek frommmm todaaayyyy Briiingggg evvvverrryyyy vallluuuaaabbleee yooouuuu’rreee orrrgggaaanniiizatiooon haaass if youuu wannnntt toooo liiive.” With that, Zach hit him in the face and dropped the limp body on the floor, where it lay sprawled over the crushed wall. They stood around awkwardly for a few moments before Zach spoke up. “Uh, thanks.”
“No problem. I’d still be stuck here if you hadn’t showed up.”
“So, uh, how about I get you to the hospital, and then later I guess I owe you a drink.”
Maximum nodded and gave Zach a weary smile.
“Sounds like a plan.”


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