Origins #18 Max

We walked down the stairs into Harry’s workshop/man cave, and I saw it. Seven feet tall, pitch black, and almost completely smooth, the battle suit looked like nothing I had ever seen before. The helmet was teardrop shaped, giving it a beak like visage, with the pointed end facing forward, and the round part on the back. A grey visor about three inches wide stretching around the “beak” was the only discernible feature on the shiny black surface. The arms and legs were unnaturally long, and the hands ended in claws. Around it’s neck a navy blue scarf was draped, with the loose end hanging off the back. Harry grinned. “You like?”

“It sort of looks like Greninja.”

“Who’s Greninja?”

“Pokemon. The scarf kinda does it.”


“I like the look though. Do you think you can make the scarf shapeshift when I’m not fighting into a half cape? Like all the way down past my knees, but it’s a triangle that only covers my right side?”

“ Yea, I can do that. Anyways, when you were out I kinda went a bit crazy and just started inventing nonstop. I think my power was trying to distract me by giving me tons of inspiration, but you’re fine, and now you have a kickass suit. Anyway, this thing is one of my best inventions yet. I added to your strength and shields, quadrupled your power reserves and added a butt load of features. First off,” he said pressing a button on his watch and a second later a seam underneath the visor became visible as it slowly grew into a wide triangular mouth filled with serrated teeth. “The bite force is fifty tons, and it can breath plasma fire hotter than Drakks, hell when we were testing the prototype a while back it burnt Power a bit. I also put in some modifications oo the speakers. The suit is well, rather intimidating, and I wanted to give it a voice that matches since you sound like a little girl.”

“No I-”

“Shut up bitch I’m splainin science. Your optics, when paired with your new eyes are basically two sniper scopes, and the thermals are pretty close to a predator drone. You have two wrist mounted HIGEPS and two on your shoulder, each with a hundred pellets. Your lasers and missles are about the same, but check this out.” 
He pressed a different button his watch, and the suit rippled before fading into the background and finally disappearing completely. I turned too him grinning ear from ear. Invisibility had always been something Harry couldn’t crack. He had been working at it the better part of my life. “You did it,” I whispered. His smile fell. 

“I can’t remember. I blacked out halfway through the process and when I woke up and just knew it was there. I tried taking the suit apart, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. The onboard A.I. was no help either. It just knows how to turn it on.”

“What happens when the suit breaks?”

“That’s the best part. The entire thing is made of a biometal and is about thirty percent nanomachines. Basically it self repairs by eating other materials like grass, trees, sand or scrap metal. If it gets damaged, you can just set it loose on a junkyard and the suit will be shiny and new again in a few hours.”

“This sounds too good to be true.”

“You’re right. It is. The suit, despite having more battery space, uses power extremely fast. Your other suit basically had power forever, albeit a limited amount available at each time. Now you can do a ton more, but it can run out. When it does, it starts getting energy from wherever it can, like the sun, heat, other electricity sources, and even you. It can absorb caloric energy via needle for a large boost in efficiency.” He squeezed his watch again, and two needles popped out the clawed hands. “It doesn’t have to be from you.”

“That sounds pretty unethical…”

“Come on. You shoot them with little torture bullets and burn them with a fucking laser.”

“Torture bullets and lasers you designed.”

“So? They’re effective. That’s what I design them for. I don’t design weapons to be nice to people. I make them as nonlethal as I can, but if they die when I’m saving a civilian from them then they fucking die. We shouldn’t have sacrifice our, or other innocent lives for theirs.”

“Isn’t that our job?”

“Our job is to protect innocents, not murderers.”
“We’re superheroes. We shouldn’t have to choose.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it. That’s how police and soldiers die. That’s how you got hurt. That’s how hundreds of bystanders get crushed in rubble. That’s how THEY got killed. They were too fucking stupid to realize it, and THEY LEFT US ALONE! Do you know how hard it is to run a company, protect a city, and raise a fucking kid at nineteen? ” He stopped and shook his head. “Just, fine. You don’t have to use it, but I’m leaving the feature in. If the suit takes too much from you you could fall into a coma, or worse.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My brother wanted me to drain people like some sort of vampire? I let out a deep breath. He was probably not in the best state of mind right now. I’d leave it be for a few weeks, as when he came around we’d remove it. 

“Fine. I’m guessing this all works by neural link?”


“Let’s work on this guy later. You need to learn how your eyes work.”

For the next two days we practiced. My brain only needed an hour of practice with anything to master it, so most of the time was spent on conservation of force. My power didn’t distinguish between killing or maiming and incapacitating, which as a problem when you’re armed with a set of power armor and laser eyes. I learned that I could burn through old and stucco walls pretty easily, and sustained fire would heat metal too the point of melting. My left hand as bulletproof, which I used was useful, but didn’t seem very practical. I mean who exclusively shoots at someone’s left hand, I thought as a giant Irishman chucked me into a concrete wall.


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