Origins #21 Max

“What are you doing here child?”
The voice was clean, and light, and filled with goodness. It was so, so pure. Too pure. I looked at the smoking eyes of my victim in horror. I was a hero! How could I have done this? A realization hit and my resolve solidified. I didn’t deserve to live. Harry had done so much for me, and I used his gifts for evil. I held my palm to my forehead and prepared to-

Mind control detected. Applying countermeasures.
It was like waking up from a dream. In the situation, everything I did made perfect sense. After waking up, and looking at the whole thing however, it was insane. My senses weren’t as strong, I didn’t remember feeling the floor beneath my feet. My thoughts were short, and incorrect, if that makes sense. Not like, they weren’t my thoughts it’s just they were incomplete. A shadow of how I used to think.
My mind cleared, I spun around, dropping the man and launching myself off the wall, and drove a punch stronger than rocket into the jaw of a man behind me. He slid a few yards across the room, staying on his feet the whole time. He wiped grey blood of his cheek where I hit him.

He was black. Not like African American. He was literally a charcoal colored figure with dark red glowing eyes. They had no irises, and a huge crystal sat in his chest, glowing the same shade of nearly maroon. He was completely naked, but luckily for my fake eyes he was a ken doll. 

“You resisted my control. You must be a strong warrior.”
“You have no idea, whoever you are.” 
“I do not wish to win a fight like this, but my lord demands I leave before the device activates. You have my apologies.”
“What? Yo-”
A a giant three fingered arm, glowing the same red as his eyes burst from his back like a scorpion’s tail and pinned me too the wall. One of the foot long fingers stabbed into the suit, puncturing the armor and Wait what am I doing? This guy outclassed me. Anyone can see that. The best course of action would be to wait for reinforcements.
“Cover yourself in blood. Pick up the man, and act like you just assaulted him when the fool’s device activates, leaving you before the defenders of this city. After that you are free. I pray we meet again, and maybe even join us in the light.”
Gasping for air I fought to the surface of the ocean of calm. “Wh-o are y-y-you?”
He looked back, and I could see mild shock appear on his coal black features.

“I am Rahab.”
And he left.
Everything was fine. My hand was tired from holding the man up, but everything was fine. My suit beeped and said some silly nonsense about leakage but everything was fine. An hour of bliss passed, and I felt the world rumble, but that was fine. I had planned for this. 

H-had I?
Of course I had. 
I d-didn’t rememb 

Yes I did. It was right after-after uh
The wall too my room collapsed, and I could see rows and rows of foldable chairs filled with heroes staring in surprise. I activated my eyes again and his cheeks lit aflame before

“Max?” I heard in John’s baritone voice.
A few heroes stood up and pointed there weapons at me.
“You’re under arrest!” a few shouted. 
I dropped him, and backed away from the body, hands up. 
“Surrender Max.” John frowned. He was in full Power gear, floating inches above the ground, purple light filling his eyes. 
“I was under-”
“Just come with me Max. Your angry, and unstable right now. Maybe the cybernetics messed with your head, maybe you snapped, but it doesn’t matter. We can help you. Just come with us.”
My hands fell to my sides, and I moved too step forward but a blast of blue hard light sent John flying. Harry shouted “SOMEONE HACKED THE SUIT!”, and the Phalanx drone sprouted weapons from every inch of its body. The crowd stared in shocked silence, and he fired. 
I activated the stealth and slipped away. 


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