Vigilance #2 Zach

The battle raged for over two hours. Armed with outdated and brutal technology, the tyrant’s forces won through pure force. The wails of the wounded blanketed the bloody battlefield. Casualties included two combs, my scalp, and most importantly my pride.


All in all it was a pretty good haircut.


I was led back into the conference room, where Jason awaited with a tall clean shaven man. He was taller than me, about six two, and had perfectly groomed dark brown hair. His face was long, and he wore a black suit and shirt with a red tie. Held his hand out and I shook it. “Addison Ramsey”, he said. I nodded, and said “Zach.”


“I’m your partner for this job. We’re posing as trust funders from new york attempting to get some cool souvenirs to show off to our frat buddies. I’m Alex Giana, you’re Carl Pike. We go in, mingle a bit, then when they show off the merch you grab it and leave. I’m guessing your a teleporter of some sort?”


I shook my head and said, “Speedster. What’s in the bag?”, gesturing to the blocky black thing on the red coat rack. He walked over and unzipped it, revealing a dark navy suit. “Get dressed in the room next door, and meet me back here. We’re going over important people we might meet at the party and possible threats until it’s time to leave.’


I sped over to the suit, got dressed, and brushed my teeth before he could finish saying “to”. I straightened my blue tie, and asked “Do you have it written down?” He nodded, and I held my hand out. He passed the papers to me and I literally sped read through it in under a second. “Notable figures” included the Mayor, the Mayor’s daughter Alex, an old prison “buddy” of mine named Bonecrusher, some Chemogods punks, a Merc named Pyrocyborg and Agent Red.


Motherfucking Agent Red.


Level Eight Metahuman.


Red was THE Soviet superhero. He was Stalin’s answer to Fuhrer and Ubermensch during the The First Meta War, and the rival of the United Statesmen for the next forty years. His exact power set had never been released, but he was some sort of hyper advanced, even for alien tech weaponry bonded to a human. The old propaganda story was that Red used to be a loyal farmer who stumbled upon an ancient weapon while working in the collective, and decided to fight for his glorious leader.


I personally thought the government found it in a cave, attached it to a KGB agent, and made the story up, but I had no proof. His powers were also unclear, but from what I could remember seeing on the history channel he was nearly invincible, fired rail gun shells from his retractable third and fourth arms, could go intangible, had guns that could track and shoot at targets moving almost as fast as me, and a sort of “Corrosive Field” that eroded whatever the green light touched. He probably also had super strength and some form of shapeshifting since in his battle with the Fuhrer he was a nine armed thirty foot tall death machine, but when he fought the United Statesmen he was a humanoid figure only slightly bigger than a man.


I slowed down and looked up from the paper. “You said no-one dangerous! Why the fuck is Agent Red not in the “dangerous” category?”


“Who’s Agent Red?”


I looked at him incredulously.


“Who’s Agent Red? Did you even fucking GO to school? Did you even read these papers?”


He shrugged. “Skimmed em.”


I sighed and passed the paper to him. He finished reading it and nodded. “Hm. That makes things a little more interesting. Nothing we can’t handle. I’ll just distract him when you go for the item.”


He was a good liar. So good, I almost didn’t notice how nervous he was. I opened my mouth too tell him that I noticed, but decided against it.  Me noticing would probably throw him off more, possibly canceling the mission, which X couldn’t happen. I needed this money. The payment deadline for my costume was approaching, and I did not want to piss Sergei off. People who did that tended to disappear.  


We went over details in our cover until the secretary escorted us into a limousine with darkened windows. As soon as we sat down, Addison handed me a green pill. “Take it. It counters any alcohol in the system, allowing us to maintain cover, while being as effective as possible.”
I frowned, since I was kinda hoping to get sloshed on rich people booze, but took it anyway. The rest of the car ride was silent, at least until we nearly ran Agent Red over in the parking lot.


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