Zachary Browne: 22 year old supervillian. Tall and built like a runner, with dirty blond wavy hair and a thin, tall face. Lazy and slightly irratable, he enjoys mocking others and making (at least to him) funny quips. Slightly better at this than Max, according to him. No friends or family besides his ex-cellmate Carlos. Currently working as an enforcer for the Third Street Titans under the alter ego Hotfoot. He is a high Level 7 metahuman, with the ability to control time, called chronokinesis. His ability manifests as super speed, resistance to blunt trauma, highly increased striking power, the creation of small shockwaves, and slight precognition.

Maxwell King: 19 year old superhero. Average height, but abnormally cut for his age. Dark brown almost black hair, and tan skin. Since his capture and subsequent mauling by the supervillian Gamma, Max has become a cyborg. Both of his eyes are metal with various features along with his bulletproof multi tool left hand. Kind hearted, but sligtly inward. He really doesnt open up to anybody but his brother and teamates. Slightly better at quipping than Zach, according to everyone else. He is currently acting as the  superhero Maximum, a member of the Rosevelt City Paragons. Low 3 to High 4/Medium 5 metahuman depending on loudout. Without full gear he can bench a little over 300 pounds, run a few seconds over a four minute mile, and is the world’s most powerful Lugh type metahuman. Lugh types are named after the Celtic god Lugh the Long Handed, who was allowed to become a god by mastering almost every skill possible. Lugh types have a preternatural ability to learn almost any skill easily, along with any other quirks their power gives them. Max’s power instantly scans any given scenario and creates the perfect skill-set for that scenario from any single action or set of skills he has ever come across. These include dozens of martial arts, engineering, sharpshooting, flying various machines, driving, etc, etc. With his standard loadout of power armor; he can lift over 10 tons, absorb lots of heat, cold, electric, and physical damage, react faster than a normal human, fly, and scan thernal and electromagnetic wavelengths. The suit is also armed with HIGEPS rounds, missles, lasers, a plasma thrower mounted in a powerful jaw, and sonic weaponry.

Harold King: Tall, lanky, and slightly nerdish yet handsome in appearance, Max’s 30 year old brother is more than he seems. Harry is kind, thoughtful, and socioble on the outside, but deep within? That’s another story. He cares deeply about his brother, and is very protctive of him since Max is the only family left to him now. He is the superhero Phalanx, a senior member and leader of the Rosevelt City Paragons. He is a Geek type super of the 6-8th level. He has created many unmanned suits of armor with many different purposes, but the standard suit he uses is th Phalanx-39. The 39 is durable, can lift over 80 tons, can fly, teleport and open portals in a fifty foot range, and is armed with anti tank lasers, battleship grade force blasts, missles of explosive and hellfire variety, and a hard light projector.

Carlos: Carlos is not mexican. Okay. Maybe he is one eighth Hispanic but still, the dude is as pale as the dead and has hair like the fires of hell. He is of average height, and while he isnt fat, he isnt exactly very fit either. Carlos is very spacey, slightly ADHD and very friendly. He doesn’t really like hurting people, which is odd, since he’s a supervillian. He currently works as an analyst/advisor to Jason Kittritch in the Third Street Titans. Carlos is a precognitive, with a specialty for percentages. He can instantly determine the possibility of anything ever hapening, down to a hundredth of a percent.

Jason Kittritch: Jason is the mysterious leader of a powerful crime syndicate in Rosevelt city. Enigmatic, amiable, and highly dangerous. Unlike most crime bosses, he seems to have no power, or at least, one that he doesnt show off. His appearence also seems to change per viewer, and no real pictures have surfaced of him. Could this just be makeup and trickery? Carlos doesn’t think so.   

Jessica: Short blonde girl living next to Zach. A bit too nosy for her own good.