Power Rankings

Level 1:
Could easily overpower an unarmed human.
A danger to pedestrians and lone police officers.
Really no-one cares about this level.
Level 2: 
Could easily overpower a group of humans.
<10 if they are unarmed
<5 If they are armed with various weaponry included to but limited to pistols, knives, tasers, and brass knuckles.
Eric, Thunder, Lightning
Could be a danger to large groups of civilians and several police officers.

Level 3: 
Could overpower a fully equipped SWAT team easily,
Danger to large groups of civilians, possibly even city blocks and police forces
Unarmored and Undersuit Max, most of the villians they fought in the EZ base.

Level 4: 
Conventional Police Forces would be effectively useless in an attempt to pacify/bring down one of these.
Danger to small to medium sized towns.
An M1 Abrams battle tank, Most of the villians Harry fought at the warehouse, Original Armored Max

Level 5: 
Could overpower a group of five Level Fours.
A modern military company would be required to bring one down.
Danger to most cities
Examples: The Woman with short hair at the warehouse, The Warehouse “Demon”, Max’s new armor
Level 6:
Could overpower a group of three Level Fives
A Modern Military battalion would be needed to kill one
Danger to large cities and or their surrounding areas
Drakk, The Warehouse Giant, Speedsuit wearers (Very VERY high 6. Pretty much the strongest 6 possible. Possibly 7, depending on user),
Level 7:
Could overpower a group of three Level Sixes.
With great difficulty, a full nation’s military might bring one down.
Zach, Harry, Power, Bellator, Gamma, Relativity, Chúhúlain, Amygdala, Battle Scorpion, Jack Fate
Level 8:
Could overpower multiple Level Sevens with ease.
Conventional military attacks, including nukes, would be useless.
Fortitude, Force, Samjoko, The Prince, Fuhrer, Ubermensch, Agent Red

Level 9
Nigh unbeatable
The Celtic, Aztec, and various Pantheons

Level 10
Unkillable by anything other than another Level Ten
None so far